B R I T T A N Y  H A N E S

Owner and founder Brittany Hanes has over 15 years of professional experience in the horse care industry.
What began as a childhood love for horses quickly developed into a lifelong passion and career. From pony camp, to 4H, to competing on the national AA circuit, to working as a groom and a professional rider, Brittany’s commitment to equine health and performance has always been a priority.
After her top show horse sustained a serious injury, Brittany recognized the importance of  working with a comprehensive rehab program to bring horses back to their full potential.
Hoping to further develop her equestrian skills, Brittany chose to work as a veterinarian technician at Littleton Large Equine Clinic for several years. Here she was able to collaborate with top industry veterinarians and gained access to cutting edge medical technology. Brittany was able to work with a variety of clients and patients—from ranch horses to ponies to Olympic-level sport horses—and recognizes how important it is to understand each horses’ unique needs.
Brittany developed Rocky Mountain Equine Rehabilitation because she saw a need in Colorado and surrounding areas for a boutique-sized rehab facility where she could offer customized therapies for each of her patients. With her many years of experience behind her, she is able to collaborate with owners and veterinarians to provide curated therapies designed to bring each of her patients back to work, play or competition.
No matter what type of horse you have or what discipline you practice, Brittany is committed to providing the highest level of care for your equine partner.
She looks forward to working with you and returning your horse to his or her best self.


A L E X  H E L L E R

Alex Heller serves as a therapy assistant at Rocky Mountain Equine Rehab. Alex's love of horses began at a very young age. Her father took her to her first horseshow when she was just 2 years old and he always remarks how her eyes were as big as saucers when she first saw the horses.

As soon as she was old enough, she began taking lessons, learning both Western and English disciplines. She continued riding all throughout her younger years, spending time at the barn every chance she could get. Before heading off to college, she worked at a local trail riding farm, helping to care for all of the horses in addition to guiding rides. She thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and all she learned and was eager to continue to work in the industry.

For college, Alex moved to Colorado to attend Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. There she studied Equine Science and continued to build on her equine education.  Following her time at school, she worked as a groom for a top dressage rider. There she was introduced to high level equine care and management and enjoyed the attention to detail for each horse and their respective program.

Alex enjoys the opportunity to rehabilitate top sport horses and continues to learn and grow daily. Alex's positive nature and softness with the horses make her an incredible asset to the RMER team.