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At Rocky Mountain Equine Rehab, we value superior care and believe in the importance of basic principles attributing to a multi-faceted therapy program.  Through years of competitive grooming expertise, we work to offer meticulous basic services to each patient in addition to their comprehensive therapies.   The services below are included in any therapy program at RMER.


Nutrition is a key component in overall health and wellness.  From the quality of hay and grain, to the necessary vitamins and minerals, we understand the importance of a well balanced diet in a horse's life.   During your horse's stay, we will work with a team of nutritionists and health experts to create or maintain a proper nutrition plan for your horse, respective to their needs.  If your horse is staying for a shorter period of time and you would like to keep their current diet without any changes,  we welcome the opportunity to review their diet with provided hay and grain to avoid any health ramifications.



No matter how great or small the injury, a clean and dry environment is key for all horses healing process.  Our staff takes pride on maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout our days to create a comfortable environment for all who enjoy it.


Knowing any horse's daily routine and habits is crucial when it comes to recognizing any irregularities.  Routine stall cleaning and daily bucket scrubbing is all part of our daily routine to ensure we are meeting the high standards we have set.  Attention to detail is our one of our highest priorities.



Hoof treatments, coat care, and giving baths as needed are just a few of this things we do when it comes to grooming.  Keeping horses in superior physical condition is of the utmost importance. We also believe that physical appearance is just as vital to their comfort and success.  Whether your horse is a top performer or a family companion, grooming will always be considered a basic service and always included for our clients


As horses enter the rehab program, they are working towards recuperating from any magnitude of injury.  It's important to slowing rehabilitate their body in a way that promotes healing and allows for correct improvement.  We believe that hand walking is a vital part of this process.  All horses can benefit from controlled movement without the weight of a rider or impact of increased gaits.  Hand walking in not only great for therapy, but it's also vital during Colorado's inclement weather seasons.  For patients needing turnout during the extreme winter season, hand walking is crucial in maintaining a level of consistency for their exercise.

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